We have many varieties of  Asparagus plants and some of the most beautiful bare root. They will vary in size from 3 to 5 lbs per 25 plants. These are fresh bare root plants that are a nice size. These are NON GMO and organically grown but not certified. Please read the planting instructions before you receive your asparagus plants. When you receive the bare root, it can have a mold around the roots and sometimes the crown. This is fine, just get it in direct sun light for about 10 minutes to dry out the root and kill the mold and then plant as instructed. This plant is prone to mold due to it being shipped in a dark warm container for 3 to 15 days.

The good thing is that we always ship a couple of extra roots with all orders. Also, remember when you purchase third sets of a variety, you will receive the 4rd for free. For example: buy 3 sets of 10 Jersey Knight asparagus plants and receive 4rd for free and always free shipping. We guarantee our plants and we even send a an extra asparagus plants to ensure a higher percentage than most. So feel safe when ordering from us. These bare root trees will grow fast. If you do not see any signs of life with in one month or if you see life and then it is looking like it is going to die.

Just give me a call at 919-696-0328. You can even send a picture to this number by texting it. This will help me answer any questions you may have. When you receive your asparagus plants  follow the planting instructions. It can take up to a month for the Asparagus plant shows any sign of life. It depends on how warm or cold it is.

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