Wasabi Planting Instructions

WASABI PLANTING INSTRUCTIONS Cultivation: In its natural habitat you will find Wasabi growing on the shaded wet banks of cold mountain streams. When grown in a home garden Wasabi does best in full shade with steady temperatures between 50-60°F, although the Daruma variety is slightly more tolerant of heat and light. Temperatures below 40°F may…read more

Planting Instructions Bare Root Blue Berry Plants

Planting Instructions Bare Root Blue Berry Plants Spring is the best time to plant blueberries, planting in fall is ok but is recommended to plant in containers. Blueberries need ridiculously acidic soil. Although most sources give a range of 4 to 5.5, they really don't like a pH higher than 5; and they will quickly join The…read more

Growing Strawberry Plants Hydroponically

Growing Strawberry Plants Hydroponically There are many forms of growing strawberry plants hydroponically. There are basically 6 variations that will include: Wick Water Culture Ebb and Flow Drip  NTF Aeroponic There are hundreds of variations to the above hydroponic systems out there. Please add your input to help others  on specific systems. The key to planting…read more