What type of soil is the best to use?

Great question. This depends on the type of plant you order. Every plant requires special care, and our instruction guide will inform you about what soil is the best for each individual plant, encouraging growth and health.

How much is shipping?

Can I move my plant, once I've planted it into the ground?

My plant appears to be dead, do you offer refunds?

If my plants never grow, do you have any guarantees?

How is my order shipped?

How long does shipping take?

Can I cancel my order?

If the mold does not go away, what do I do?

Does my planted tree need to be staked?

If the leaves on my plant are dying, what do I do?

What if my trees are the wrong size?

How much sunlight do my plants need?

Can I send plants as a gift?

Do you ever offer discounts?

Do you have any growing tips?